Founded in 2013, FY International LLC (“FY International”) is a fast-growing e-commerce company dedicated to offering a breadth of electronic products and accessories, health supplements, cosmetics and other innovative products. All of our items are sourced from reputable manufacturers to meet various industrial requirements and individual customer needs. We deliver the same quality products offered at major retail chains without incurring significant marketing or packing costs while our top-notch IT infrastructure streamlines our daily processing to achieve the maximum cost savings.  We offer an unrivaled ability to integrate the best supply of resources needed to implement the latest cutting edge technological advancements in the shortest amount of time. These operational strategies bring a considerable savings for our customers in return, and FY International has as well enjoyed a steady business growth in revenue.

We sell merchandise on our own website – Besides, we also sell on over 20 different marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Jet, Linio in North America, Rakuten in Japan, Jingdong in China, Tianmao International, Aliexpress (Alibaba), Newegg Global, and Amazon Global, among others. We tirelessly pursue our business goals by offering an excellent shopping experience, rapid delivery, and top-notch customer service.

Another aspect of our business consists of eCommerce ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system development. We are developing our own database and software system to facilitate warehouse management, order processing and business intelligence research & analysis. We are intending to connect with diverse external service providers such as, and