Relax Yourself with Our Rational
and Consistent Warehousing Services

Our system streamlines goods inventory, stock, order processing, shipment and returning totally in one place.

  • Pick and Pack

        Upon receiving orders, we will pick and pack the items into the appropriately sized box with the right packaging materials, like bubble wrap, corner protector, etc., which ensures they reach their final destination undamaged.

  • Pre-Inspection

        Quality control is vital, instantfap and a full quality inspection is done before the item is packaged.

  • Marketing inserts

        Returned customers contribute the most to ecommerce sales. Adding marketing inserts to increase your customer loyalty and boost your sales.

  • Tailor made packing

        To reduce costs, packing should keep an order within the smallest number of boxes and use the right type of packing materials. But we also provide various packaging options to meet your special packing demand.

  • Custom assembly and kitting designed for your product needs

        When products are assembled in bulk, order fulfillment becomes quick and pick/pack costs are reduced as each kit is counted as one SKU. What’s more, postal costs are reduced.

  • Coordinate your products from several suppliers

        We can coordinate your products from several suppliers and simplify the distribution process. Besides, our order-grouping technology allows you to ship products to an identical address with one shipment to save you on both packaging and shipping costs.

  • Simplify the distribution process

        Avoid the hassle of dealing with distribution process.

  • Group your orders to an identical address into one shipment

        Save you on both packaging and shipping costs when kits are packaged in a box that is customized in size and weight.