Order Processing

Have a view of all infomation you need about your orders. Create shipping label, and assign product to the specific order.

Inventory Management

Easy to input conditions and quantities of your products. Load Product data from online resources, and add product notes.

Market Analysis

Help you to find out the best sellers and most competitive items in the marketplace. Get marketing advices from your sales data.

Real-time Price Control

Check and update prices are even easier than you do on the marketplace seller portal. Make your own multi-channel price synchronization solution. Easy to adjust price.

Purchasing Record

Never be bothered by quantity mismatch problems again. Create a record for what you purchase and make it eaiser to put them into the sytem when they arrived.

Oversea Logistics

Offer oversea warehouse and return solutions. Give you advices on product data translation and product localization.

Order Monitoring

Read and reply customers’ emails within the order processing page. You can manage your order logs in one place.

Note Function

Provide note for inbound, orders, waiting tasks, products, items, repairing, and return orders.


Create your own multi-channel list. Synchronize price and quantity with our customized system. Cooperate with shipping carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL.