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Digital Marketing Data Operator – New Job Available at FY International LLC

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Job Title: Digital Marketing Data Operator

This E-Commerce Digital Marketing role is responsible for all aspects of our e-commerce digital market and data operation. This includes but is not limited to marketing data analysis and sales strategy, pricing, turn over time, inventory check, data content editing, software tool improvement. In addition, the position will also help on order fulfillment, customer service, product sourcing. Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Create product data entry or web content
    1. Researching, writing and presenting content in ways that appeal to the website target audience;
    2. Collect media (picture/video) related to our products; Work on or assign media editing and collecting tasks to other team members; Upload material (pictures/videos) on to the website;
  2. Product data entry or web content maintenance
    1. Monitor the quality and customer feedback about our web contents.
    2. Editing and proofreading product web contents by colleagues or freelancers;
  3. Optimize the product data (listings or web contents)
    1. Use platform reports and sales data for marketing analysis; use the results for marketing optimization;
    2. Use search engine or industrial website to research the market trend and used the result to optimize our sales strategy;
  4. Digital marketing promotions
    1. Collect marketing channels to expend our e-commerce business;
    2. Created marketing advertising to increase our sales;
      1. Monitor the CoS (cost of sale), adjust budget to optimize our profit.
      2. Research the keywords ranking on each platform and set the right bid price.
  5. Pricing and Strategy
    1. Develop algorithm to predict product pricing;
    2. Research the product life cycle and sales strategies;
    3. Research the market competitors, keep our sales competitive;
  6. Product Sourcing
    1. Help operation teams to resolve the oversold orders;
    2. Use sales data and trend as feedback for product sourcing;
    3. Help the sourcing team to source low in stock items
    4. Make recommendations fro new products on product sourcing;
  7. Share knowledge and/or provide necessary training to other members; Assign tasks and monitor the performance for lower level team members;
  8. Software tool development
    1. Work with software team to implement new software tool to improve the efficiency of the marketing team;
    2. Testing the marketing software tools and report bugs;
    3. Get familiar with e-Commerce platform APIs; Use them as tools to improve work efficiency;
  9. Inventory and Sales Monitoring
    1. Monitor the revenue of the marketing platform; set up consistent grow goal;
    2. Rein-stock products;
    3. Monitor products without listing and make sure they are listed for sale;
    4. Work with the team to set up sales strategy for slow selling or used items;
  10. Performs other related duties as assigned;
  1. Sophisticated with office software and computer operating;
  2. 2 years experience with e-commerce and digital marketing;
  3. Good internet searching and operating skills;
  4. Interested in and familiar with Consumer Electronics (game consoles, smart devices, computers and network IT products) would be a plus;
  5. Familiar with HTML, XML and SQL languages;
  6. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information technology;.
  7. Willing to work overtime when needed;
  8. Familiar with Photo Process, Photography and related graphic techniques;
  9. Except for English, fluent in a secondary languages is a big plus;
  10. Great teamwork altitude;
  11. Familiar with task and project management skills;
  12. Maintain a clean and well arranged workspace;
  13. Be able to travel if it is needed;
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