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New Ecommerce Platform For Car Dealers Launched By Fastlane

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Whilst more and more of us research which car to buy on the internet, it’s relatively rare for anyone to do a start-to-finish purchase of a car entirely online. That could be all set to change with the launch of a new ecommerce platform for car dealers by Dallas based startup Fastlane. The new platform by Fastlane offers car dealers the ability to offer a personalized, branded online car buying experience, while providing customers with a start-to-finish purchasing process. Fastlane started off strong, catching eyes of many angel investors. With their well-rounded marketing and strong youtube presence due to the efforts of themarketingheaven.com, Fastlane seems to be destined for success. So what is Fastlane all about?

Dealers using the system can showcase their stock, help customers choose the right car for their needs, determine trade-in values and help them choose other components that may take place in a car purchase such as leasing, financing, insurance and warranties.

“Fastlane has taken online car-buying to the next level by giving consumers a convenient, and hassle-free way to pick out the car they want and complete their purchase transaction–while they gain an important relationship with a dealer,” said David Luce, Fastlane’s Vice President of Sales.

“Other car-buying platforms have a cookie cutter purchase process that cannot be changed from one dealership to another, so they are convenient but impersonal. Fastlane recognizes that dealers in one market, such as New York, may sell cars differently from dealers in other markets, such as Texas or California. Fastlane offers dealers a way to personalize the online car buying experience to meet their customer’s’ needs, while enhancing the customer’s’ experience of buying a car from a dealership.”

Until now, researching a vehicle, getting a trade-in value and getting financing for example have all had to be done on different mynudistsearch.com websites, which is what Fastlane has been designed to improve by doing it all on one website.

“Fastlane is a complete car buying system, with advanced features and customizability,” explains Brandon Hall, Fastlane’s CEO. “The platform seamlessly walks customer through the many aspects of the buying process.

“Online car-buying certainly has its benefits, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for car owners to have a good relationship with a dealer, since they still need service and expert advice about the car. Our goal is to make online car buying an advantage and opportunity for both car dealers and customers while helping to foster a great mutual relationship. It’s the best of both worlds for everyone concerned.

“Fastlane’s greatest strength is that it transforms the buying process into an easy, efficient one while making it possible for dealer sales team members to spend their precious face time engaging with their customers.”

About Fastlane

Fastlane in an innovative ecommerce developer who also specialise in showroom technologies for car dealerships. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, more information on them and their new ecommerce platform for car dealerships can be found at https://www.fastlane.car/.

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